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For Expert Fire Protection Advice Call: 01793 525241

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Envirograf Intumescent Thixotropic Adhesive

£7.11 (tax excl.)
£7.11 (excl VAT)
£8.53 (incl VAT)
Envirograf ES/VFR Fire Retardant Paint for External/Internal Wood - White or Tinted

£22.14 (tax excl.)
£22.14 (excl VAT)
£26.57 (incl VAT)
Envirograf Rebated Acoustic, Draught, Smoke and Weather Seals in a PVC or Aluminium Holder

£1.46 (tax excl.)
£1.46 (excl VAT)
£1.75 (incl VAT)
Envirograf Intumescent Non-Fibrous Fire Stop Block

£29.58 (tax excl.)
£29.58 (excl VAT)
£35.50 (incl VAT)
Envirograf Gaskets for Standard Metal Boxes

£0.55 (tax excl.)
£0.55 (excl VAT)
£0.66 (incl VAT)
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£3.90 (tax excl.)
£3.90 (excl VAT)
£4.68 (incl VAT)
This Envirograf product is a specially-formulated rubber-based double-sided tape that has very high adhesion and easy-peel backing, available in 5mm, 9mm, 12mm, 15mm, 19mm, 25mm, and 30mm widths, supplied in rolls of...
£7.50 (tax excl.)
£7.50 (excl VAT)
£9.00 (incl VAT)
A versatile water-based wood filler which can be coated over with either fire protective or intumescent paints -Envirograf Product 42 (HW01 or HW02) or Product 92 (ES/VFR or QVFR) to provide robust protection from...
£14.78 (tax excl.)
£14.78 (excl VAT)
£17.74 (incl VAT)
The kit is designed for use in both plasterboard and solid substrate surfaces i.e. brick, block and concrete walls and ceilings. The products become water-resistant once cured. Tested in a plasterboard wall, achieving...
£2.90 (tax excl.)
£2.90 (excl VAT)
£3.48 (incl VAT)
A halon-free, acoustic intumescent mastic with good adhesion to all materials for fire stopping gaps up to 60mm. Can be painted over for decorative purposes Fits a standard mastic skeleton gun Colour - White, Black or...
£7.99 (tax excl.)
£7.99 (excl VAT)
£9.59 (incl VAT)
A ready-mixed intumescent cement filler that sets hard, like normal cement, but it does not crack. It expands in a fire. Supplied in 310ml tubes and 1Kg tub (Pink Only) Please note there is a minimum order of 25 x...
£7.11 (tax excl.)
£7.11 (excl VAT)
£8.53 (incl VAT)
A high performance intumescent adhesive for fixing wood, plasterboard, concrete, foam backing of carpet, ceiling tiles, etc. Provides up to 125 minutes integrity and 55 minutes insulation. Envirograf Product 46
£6.27 (tax excl.)
£6.27 (excl VAT)
£7.52 (incl VAT)
A flexible silicone fireproof sealant which on curing is like rubber in consistency. Not suitable for sealing around heating stoves. See Self-Adhesive Silicone Tape for sealing gaps around boiler plates, heating...
£7.33 (tax excl.)
£7.33 (excl VAT)
£8.80 (incl VAT)
Envirograf Stove Silicone is a ready to use putty that remains flexible until cured. Ideal for repairs to firebricks, solid fuel ovens, ranges and boilers. Tested to 1250o Centigrade Supplied in a 310ml Tube Colour:...
Fire Barriers
£0.00 (tax excl.)
£0.00 (excl VAT)
Envirograf Product Guide to Passive Fire Prevention Products Including detailed descriptions of the entire Envirograf range Read this useful guide to selecting the right passive fire prevention products.  Useful for...
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Fireproof adhesives, fillers, and sealants compatible with a range of materials.