For Expert Fire Protection Advice Call: 01793 525241

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For Expert Fire Protection Advice Call: 01793 525241

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About HSP Fire Protection

For over 25 years, HSP Fire Protection (a division of Holman Specialist Paints Limited ) has been providing the same great service, built on close personal working relationships with our clients.

We have provided Intumescent and Class 0 Class1 flame retardant coatings and fire stopping components for some of the most prestigious projects in the UK, and our reputation for attention to detail and for quality products has enabled us to carve out a reputation as providers of the best products and service available on the market.

Our Experience

Our logistics, as well as our entire supply chain, are tried and tested and we pay fastidious attention to environmental and quality control issues.

Our personnel are highly trained and are continuously up dated with the latest developments in fire stopping technology.

We never just sell you a fire retardant coating or fire stopping component; we work with you to find the very best product and application that meets the requirements of the Architect, Building Contractor, Fire Officer or Building Control.

If your project requires on site evaluation and specifications to be written, we are happy to meet on site and discuss suitable options.

We also have significant experience in providing Class 0 / Class 1 fire retardant and Intumescent coatings for interior and exterior use, available in over 15,000 paint and translucent and woodstain colours.

Our fire stopping products have been tested in the UK and overseas, meeting British Standard and European Fire Stopping regulations.

Our Product Ranges

Our product range is tried and tested and represent the very best form the fire stopping industry in the UK. These include:

  • Envirograf - Manufactures one of the world’s largest range of fire stopping components and coatings.
  • Nullifire - Intumescent coatings for the protection of steel structure.
  • Firetherm - Fire stopping products that provide outstanding passive fire protection solutions to service penetrations, movement joint and linear gaps along with unique interfacing solutions.
  • Bollom - Fire protective and decorative coatings for interior walls and trim.